Space Safety aspects and the opportunities in the Luxembourg Space Sector

How to use strategic thinking to navigate your career and what are the opportunities

in Europe to become a space entrepreneur

• Natalia LEMARQUISCEO & Co-founder of Space it Design

Region : Europe

Field : Business

Profile : Natalia Lemarquis is originally from Poland which where she began her career as an Aerospace Engineering Graduate. Her first job as Combustion Design engineer gave her a solid technical background. Natalia moved to the UK to develop as a leader of projects and then large teams in global aerospace companies such as Assystem and Rolls-Royce.

She completed her second Masters degree at International Space University and following that, she managed her first Spacecraft delivery project while working at In-Space Missions. Natalia co-founded Space it Design, the Space-themed design brand in 2021 to empower women to express their love of Space through statement outfits. She has two daughters, which she wish one day will be a driving part of a thriving internationalspace community.