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Admission to the preparatory cycle

How do I enter the preparatory cycle?

The mission of ELISA Aerospace is to train scientific engineers and technical experts in systems engineering and senior technicians in the fields of aerospace and the transport of the future, which innovative companies need to meet today’s challenges and ensure their growth, both in France and abroad.

In addition to the essential scientific and technical skills and knowledge, ELISA Aerospace’s training program is designed to develop the know-how and interpersonal skills needed to take part in innovative projects.
by integrating easily into the corporate world

Are you a senior?


General baccalaureate (2 sciences), STI2D and STL

Already in higher education?

ELISA 1 and 2

CPGE 1 and 2, Licence, BUT, école d’ingénieurs and BTS


Post-bac recruitment is carried out via the Puissance Alpha Post-bac competition, which brings together 19 Cti-accredited engineering schools.

The Grand Concours Ingénieur is aimed at students in their final year of general or technological studies at a French high school in France or abroad.

The Puissance Alpha Post-Baccalaureate Competition in figures


Preference on Parcoursup



+ 4 000

Free places

+ 35


+ 70


Which profiles are eligible for the Puissance Alpha post-bac exam?

With the reform of the baccalauréat, you can now apply for the Puissance Alpha post-bac exam in two combinations. With the new bac, profiles are diversified and ELISA Aerospace adapts.

The first few weeks of ELISA 1 are dedicated to bringing students up to speed in core subjects.

Please note: ELISA Aerospace does not offer places to final year students – Profile 1 science.

ELISA Aerospace recommends Combination 1, choosing Physics-Chemistry or Engineering Sciences as your scientific specialization.

How are applications assessed in the Puissance Alpha post-bac competition?

To register for the competition, simply select the Puissance Alpha post-bac wishlist on the Parcoursup portal.

The evaluation of the general and technological final year files is divided into two stages:

  • a report on the Puissance Alpha competition,
  • written tests to be held on Saturday April 27, 2024.

Each school applies its own coefficients to these tests.

How are applications assessed in the Puissance Alpha post-bac competition?

On Parcoursup, you indicate your wish for a center (no more changes once your wish has been confirmed). Depending on availability, we can assign you to the nearest center. Your final assignment will be indicated on your convocation, available in your candidate area.

Examination centers in France for Saturday, April 27, 2024:

Aix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers – Bayonne – Bordeaux – Brest – Caen – Cannes – Cergy-Pontoise – Champs-sur-Marne – Compiègne – Dijon – Grenoble – Guingamp – Issy-les-Moulineaux – Ivry-sur-Seine – La Rochelle – Laval – Lille – Limoges – Longuenesse – Lorient – Lyon – Marseille – Metz – Montpellier – Nantes – Nîmes – Paris – Poitiers – Reims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Quentin – Strasbourg – Toulon – Toulouse – Tours – Versailles-le-Chesnay – Vélizy – Villejuif

We are organizing a preparation session for the Puissance Alpha post-bac exam on our two campuses on Saturday, April 13, 2024: Register now!

How many places are available in ELISA 1 at the start of the 2024 school year?

Places open at ELISA Aerospace Hauts-De-France


Places open at ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

What are the rates?
Single application fee for general and technological baccalaureates
125 €

Non scholarship holder

10 €

For 2023-2024 scholarship holders

ELISA 1 and 2 - Admissions Rebond

With Admissions Rebond, you have access to a multitude of opportunities for integration into engineering schools. Whether you’re in this year’s competition or not, Puissance Alpha offers you the chance to bounce back with a unique, simplified online application procedure:

  • Start of 1st year, September 2024,
  • Start of 2nd year, September 2024 (subject to completion of 1st year of scientific studies).

Admissions Rebonds in figures...


Application outside Parcoursup


Engineering schools

+ 70


How are files evaluated via Admissions Rebond?

How to apply?

If you have already obtained your general scientific baccalaureate or a former S or technological baccalaureate in the French education system, or if you are in the process of validating a first year of scientific studies in the French education system (CPGE, DUT, BTS, Licence scientifique, Ecole d'ingénieurs...), you must create your candidate space on Puissance-Alpha.fr and put together your application.

How are files assessed?

Your application will be sent to ELISA Aerospace as soon as it is complete and validated by Puissance Alpha. Our admissions committee will review each application.Particular attention will be paid to your motivation and passion, as well as to your results in Mathematics and Physics during your studies, two subjects that are essential for a successful engineering course. In addition to reviewing your application, ELISA Aerospace may invite you to an assessment and motivation interview.The admission result will be published on the Puissance Alpha platform.

What are the rates?

One-time application fee

90 €

Non scholarship holder

10 €

For 2023-2024 scholarship holders