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Linking training and research

Research is officially specified as one of the six public service missions common to all higher education establishments. What’s more, the link between ELISA Aerospace’s training and research is explicitly stated in the criteria used by the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI) to evaluate engineering training programs.

High-level training provided by experts in their fields

Courses taught by teacher-researchers at ELISA Aerospace are, to a large extent,
directly related
with their research fields.

Alexandre Mangeot

Is in charge of astronautics and space propulsion in the preparatory and engineering cycles

Introduction to research - PIR

In the2nd year of the engineering cycle, students must complete a
. They can also opt for a research project validated as an internship. These activities are supervised by the school’s teaching and research staff. Some of this work will be presented at the next congress EUCASS-3AF in summer 2021 as a student paper or poster session. They demonstrate the quality of our methods and promising results.

More than just an introduction to research, this exercise allows some people to
discover their appetite
for research, and to consider continuing their studies at doctoral level.

  • Lateral-longitudinal coupling on a 6DDL aircraft model
  • Geometric optimization of a bimetallic strip under thermal expansion
  • Modelless control with intelligent PID corrector
  • The role of neutrinos in the formation of the great structures of the universe
  • Development of a HUD-type interface in Matlab
  • Tensor for inhomogeneous structures using a homogenization approach
  • Study of the dynamics of Friedmann-Lemaitre spaces
  • Failure analysis using Petri nets
  • Geometrical optimization of a peezoelectric multimorphic beam

Research internship

Every year, many engineering students decide to carry out their engineering internship or end-of-studies placement in a
research laboratory
or in a
research and development department

Whether in a company or a research institute, this experience
their technical skills and enables them to
live a dream