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Student associations

Living your passion outside the classroom is possible thanks to the many associations present at the school. Associations give engineering students a chance to develop their skills, but also to become part of a community that brings together engineering students, teachers and industrialists.

ELISA Aerospace frees up its engineering students on Thursday afternoons to take part in the school’s community life. Involvement in the projects of the various offices enables practical implementation of the fundamentals learned in class, and leads students to conceptualize and develop aeronautical and space systems.



Group cohesion


Strategic games

Mechanical engineering


Beyond the school

Aeronautical associations

Revealing and developing aeronautical passions – that’s the aim of the Elis’Air association! Accessible without any pre-requisites, this course introduces you to the fabulous world of aeronautics.

The BIA - Brevet d'initiation à l'Aéronautique (French certificate of initiation to aeronautics)

The BIA (Brevet d'Initiation Aéronautique) is the first step in discovering the wonderful world of airplanes. These are theoretical courses, given by an experienced flight instructor and water bomber pilot.In addition to this theoretical training, Elis'Air provides one hour of flying time with your BIA registration! It's a great opportunity to put into practice all the concepts you've learned in theory!

The PPL - Private Pilot License

The PPL (Private Pilot License) is a private pilot's license that allows you to fly motorized aircraft. So, in addition to the theory taught at the school, ELIS'AIR offers volunteer students the chance to try their hand at the Roupy and Yvrac flying clubs. ELIS'AIR has partnerships that allow you to take your diploma at reduced cost!

JFE Simulator output

Thanks to special rates from Jet Fighter Experience, students can become fighter pilots for a few moments. Equipped with VR headsets, they board Mirage 2000 aircraft for aerial combat missions and formation flying.

Meeting Aériens

Every year, the ELIS'AIR team introduces you to one of France's biggest air shows: Air Legend! A wide variety of vintage Warbirds and military aircraft gather for demonstrations at the Melun Villaroche airfield (former site of the Dassault Aviation flight test center).

Museum visits

Visits to museums are organized throughout the year, including the Musée de l'Épopée de l'Industrie et de l'Aéronautique and the SAFRAN Group's Aerospace Museum. The Amicale des Avions Anciens d'Albert offers students at the school the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through aircraft maintenance on the Dassault Flamant.


A few days' training to learn how to jump with an automatic opening solo parachute!

Virtu'ELISA (Saint-Quentin)

Open to all students from Saint-Quentin and Bordeaux, they enable direct application of course knowledge, as well as the acquisition of complementary technical skills.

Virtu’ELISA currently has an Alpha Jet simulator. The simulator was built entirely by members of the association, and is constantly being improved. The team’s next objective is to create a new simulator mounted on a dynamic platform. Virtu’ELISA’s simulators are available to the curious during Open Days.

The Bordeaux engineering students are also working on a flight simulator. Recently launched, the Sim’Elisa association aims to make the experience realistic by creating a cockpit faithful to the Mirage 2000c. The choice of materials is under consideration, as is the modeling of the future simulator.

Sim'ELISA (Bordeaux)

Art associations

Coconuts Sound

Crazy Coconuts Sound is the association of music and party enthusiasts. Based on a spirit of openness and self-fulfillment, it is divided into two major areas:

  • The evening division:
    With a variety of sound and light equipment, the members of the association oversee the atmosphere during the evenings. Whether you’re an expert or a fan of mixing and lighting animation, you’ll do your utmost to ensure that the students have the best possible experience! What’s more, in their spare time, they can provide short training courses for students wishing to discover what goes on behind the scenes.
  • The music band division:
    What would a music association be without its official band? With numerous rehearsals throughout the year and a desire to share unique moments within the group, the musicians have set their sights on performing at the school Gala for young graduates and their families, with the aim of making their evening unforgettable. It is open to students who regularly play an instrument and wish to discover or rediscover music in a group.

At the same time, the association manages various conferences organized by ELISA Aerospace staff and/or other associations.

AWTV (Another Way Tv) is the association that takes photos and videos of important events at ELISA Aerospace and its student associations. Graduation ceremonies, parties organized by the Student Office, lectures or even sports excursions, members will be on hand to capture memories and pass them on to students.

Equipped with pro/semi-pro equipment, AWTV offers students the chance to learn and improve their skills in photography, video/photo editing and retouching. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the AWTV teams will welcome interested students and pass on their knowledge in these different fields. The association regularly organizes photo shoots for students (e.g.: a good-quality photo for their CV).

Elis’art is an association focused on art, and more specifically on drawing. It offers introductions to drawing and painting such as watercolor. For those already familiar with these techniques, the association can lend equipment and will be happy to welcome new enthusiasts. Elis’art plans to open up to new art forms such as graffiti and digital drawing. Finally, she is in charge ofartistic creations for ELISA Aerospace’s student associations (logos, posters and invitation cards).

Spatial associations

ELISA SPACE aims to promote aerospace technologies. This is expressed through the creation and launch of rockets in partnership with CNES, but also through other projects and outings. Being part of Elisa SPACE is a unique opportunity to discover, learn and challenge yourself to aim higher and push your limits.

Micro rockets

To get to grips with the technical constraints, the first launches were carried out using water rockets. ELISA Space can help you perfect your throws by creating them and modeling their trajectories on specialized software.

Mini rockets

The next step is the mini-rocket, a micro-launcher involving the work of several students over several months. The rocket's structure and electronics must comply with strict specifications. Mini rockets are launched as part of C'Space, organized by Planète Sciences, after a week of testing and perfecting their skills.


This is the largest micro-launcher that can be designed and manufactured within the association. It requires the mobilization of several people and diverse skills for an average of almost two years' work. Its launch is also carried out at C'Space after it has been tested in compliance with the specifications.

ELIS’ASTRO and ELIS’STARS areastronomy/astrophotography associations that mainly carry out observations of the night sky near the Saint-Quentin and Bordeaux campuses. Members share their passion and knowledge with other engineering students, teachers and the general public. Conferences are also organized at the school, as in 2017 with Mr. Hubert Reeves on the future of humanity.

Strategic associations


Playlisa is built around the game’s two main axes : the physical and the virtual. Bringing students together around a game table, helping them to integrate and interact with their peers: this is one of the main aims of the weekly get-together.

As for virtual gaming, the association wants to develop a “meeting platform” for ELISA students to play different multiplayer games together. At the same time, the association will launch an ELISA e-Sport team operating on the school’s most popular games. This team will represent ELISA in various inter-school competitions.

SAFE (Saint Quentin)

Airsoft is a game in which players experience life-size adventures as a team , for a few hours or a weekend. The aim of the association is to bring the school’s pupils together in a spirit of joy and good humor to practice their shared passion. Airsoft is a great way to buildteam spirit and cohesion. Confrontations are simulated with replicas firing harmless, biodegradable 6 or 8 mm-diameter plastic pellets.

Airsoft is a mix of action, investigation, role-playing, camaraderie, teamwork, laughter and heroic moments that create magical moments between students.

Mechanical associations

Elisa Sports Méca (Saint-Quentin)

The associations ELISA SPORTS MECA and ELISA Racing team facilitateaccess to motor sports and offer the chance to discover the joys of mechanics on 2-wheel or 4-wheel vehicles.

Workshop division

The primary objective is to discover the joys of mechanics! Open to all levels and with an educational vocation, the association enables everyone to learn what a car or motorcycle is made of, and eventually to know how to diagnose and repair certain breakdowns.

Pôle 4L

The association supports students wishing to take part in the 4L Trophy humanitarian raid, helping them with sponsorship and vehicle preparation. Outings are organized with the 4L to visit the region.

Circuit division

The purchase of a light sports car (R5 Alpine type) is planned to enable students to discover circuit driving. The vehicle will be selected for restoration and light preparation, with a focus on safety.

Sports associations

Saint-Quentin sports offices
Sports offices Bordeaux

The Sports Offices of Saint Quentin and Bordeaux (BDS) offer students the opportunity to take part in sports at school or through partnerships with clubs in the two cities. Regular exercise keeps you physically and mentally fit (reducing stress, improving concentration and self-confidence).

Students have access to dedicated sports facilities: a gymnasium, a table tennis room, a room equipped with bicycles and a weights room. The BDS provides the equipment to practice volleyball, badminton and basketball. The association also organizes gymnastics and muscle-strengthening sessions.. Twice a week, activities take place at the town’s municipal gymnasium (a 5-minute walk from the school): badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball and indoor soccer. Preferential agreements exist with various sports clubs and municipal facilities such as :

  • the swimming pool, where water lines are regularly reserved by the office, which organizes swimming sessions,
  • Saint-Quentin tennis club,
  • La BULLE – aquatic leisure club,
  • Several fitness clubs,
  • Le wake parc d’Amiens, from April to October, a regular outing organized by the BDS.

Since 2019, the BDS has been organizing the participation of engineering students in the EAG – European Aeronautic Games, a sports tournament bringing together the schools of the ISAE Group and the Pegasus network. A great opportunity for exchange with European students passionate about aeronautics.

Solidarity associations

Anonymoon (BDE Saint-Quentin)
Space Corsair (BDE Bordeaux)

Elected by students, the Anonymoon (Saint-Quentin) and Space Corsair (Bordeaux) BDEsorganize events that enable students to get to know each other. In addition to the festive aspects, the associations strive to support engineering students through solidarity actions, especially in these times of health crisis and isolation.

BASE (Bureau des Actions Solidaires et Environnementales)

Visit Bureau des Actions Solidaires et Environnementales is an association whose aim is to raise awareness among Elisa’s pupils about social and environmental problems. To date, the BASE has set up a solidarity grocery store for students at Elisa Aerospace, through which any student in need can purchase all kinds of food and non-food items. .

The BASE has also organized various charity events for the Telethon, Pink October, Movember and a Clean Walk in the streets of Saint-Quentin. Future projects on the Base’s agenda include the organization ofa new Clean Walk, the installation of recycling garbage cans, an artisanal deodorant workshop and much more. For all these activities, the BASE can count on the support of the town council and businesses committed to these issues.

Involvement beyond school life


ANAJ-IHEDN (l’Association Nationale des Auditeurs Jeunes de l’Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale) raises young people’s awareness of commitment, defense and security issues. It is placed under the dual patronage of the Minister of the Armed Forces and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

Citizenship, defense, national security, sovereignty and international relations are just some of the issues on which members discuss and try to find solutions. As part of the association’s ambassador program, ANAJ-IHEDN is working with higher education establishments to raise its profile and extend its action.

Like Clément, an ANAJ-IHEDN member and engineering student, several students act as the interface between the school and the association’s activities. Various conferences have been held since 2018:

2018 – Space resources for security and defense

– Defence and Brexit: what consequences for France and Europe?

– The air combat system of the future (SCAF): a challenge for innovation in France

3AF (Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France)

The Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France, or 3AF, is dedicated to :

  • to bring together individuals and legal entities interested in the sciences and techniques of aeronautics and astronautics, for professional reasons or for personal reasons of curiosity, culture or passion;
  • distinguish among its members the best international specialists;
  • Encourage contact between members, both within and outside their specialist field, especially with younger members;
  • develop an important source of specialized information;
  • to provide a forum for its members to make their views and work known;
  • represent all its members in dealings with other French and foreign scientific and technical societies, and with aerospace federations.

3AF’s activities are largely linked to those of industry and research, and consequently to the industries and laboratories working for the aerospace industry. 3AF also maintains constant, privileged relations with major government departments and organizations, as well as with the academic world. As a learned society, 3AF contributes to the generation and dissemination of new ideas alongside industry and government bodies. Finally, through its means of expression and communication, 3AF enables its members – students, pilots, technicians, engineers and researchers – to publicize their productions and aspirations.

Source : www.3af.fr