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School of Engineering in Aeronautics, Aerospace and Transport

ELISA Aerospace puts a premium on human contact and close relationships between students and teachers, as well as with the administrative teams. The size of the classes and the availability of the teams mean that interaction and contact are conducive to the acquisition of skills and quality support.

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Some engineering students signed employment contracts before graduating.


Some students have chosen to pursue careers in the aeronautics, space and defense sectors.


Graduates have found their first jobs abroad.

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2 innovative curricula
ELISA Aerospace offers an engineering degree (5 years) and a bachelor's degree (3 years).
for fans of aerospace and the transportation of the future.
Engineering curriculum
Aerospace Sciences
5 years to join the aerospace industry
1 diploma
3 options
Bachelor's program
Science and Engineering
Become an expert in the transport of the future in 3 years!
1 diploma
5 options
ELISA Aerospace Hauts de France

48 rue Raspail, 02100 Saint-Quentin, France
Telephone: 03 23 68 06 11
Email : contact@elisa-aerospace.fr

ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

114 allée des charbonnières, 33127 Saint Jean d'Illac
Telephone: 06 48 95 76 72
Email : contactbdx@elisa-aerospace.fr

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ELISA Aerospace trains the scientific and technical experts in the aeronautics, space, automotive, naval and rail industries that leading-edge companies need to meet today’s challenges and ensure their growth, both in France and abroad.

In addition to essential skills and knowledge, the training provided by ELISA Aerospace aims to develop students’ know-how and interpersonal skills, enabling them to take part in innovative projects and integrate easily into the company.

ELISA Aerospace contributes to the public service missions of higher education and research. As such, the school has obtained EESPIG (Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé d’Intérêt Général) status. This label is awarded to establishments whose operations, organization and teaching quality contribute to student success. From the outset, ELISA Aerospace has placed students at the heart of its project, enabling them to cultivate their passion and flourish in small, manageable classes that benefit from permanent supervision.

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ELISA Aerospace is a state-approved aeronautical and aerospace engineering school. This human-scale school offers high-quality support and available staff, making it the ideal place to acquire sound knowledge and skills in aeronautics, space and future transport engineering. At ELISA Aerospace, the emphasis is on human relations, fostering close relationships between students, teachers and administrative staff. The ELISA Aerospace engineering school is located in two of France’s major regions for the aeronautics, space and futuristic transport industries. This gives engineering students the opportunity to forge strong links with major local companies. The courses offered are innovative, enabling engineering students to develop know-how with a view to participating in innovative projects.

ELISA Aerospace, the engineering school specializing in aeronautics and aerospace

ELISA Aerospace is an engineering school specializing in aeronautics and aerospace, located in two basins in France. It is a not-for-profit association of private higher education institutions of general interest. Its mission is to train scientific and technical engineers, engineering assistants and systems engineering experts in a wide range of fields, including aeronautics, space, automotive, future transportation and defense. Once trained, the engineering students who graduate from ELISA Aerospace have all the skills and know-how they need to enable innovative companies to meet today’s challenges, and guarantee their growth in France and abroad. This aeronautics and aerospace-based engineering school offers a a high level of teaching adapted to the needs of industry, the development of students’ personalities to facilitate their integration and development within a company, and a partnership with research organizations and manufacturers in the French aerospace industry. Its structure is based on a Board of Directors, a School Council, a Management Committee, a Scientific Council and an Advanced Training Council. ELISA Aerospace’s environment is conducive to studying, designing, producing and exchanging, as well as developing beyond learning in a variety of related activities. The school’s values are responsibility and autonomy, commitment and ethics, creativity and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, openness to others and multiculturalism.

ELISA Aerospace school campuses

ELISA Aerospace is based in Saint-Quentin, in the Hauts-de-France region, and in Bordeaux, in two of France’s leading regions for aeronautics, space and the transport of the future. With its focus on innovation and internationalization, this engineering school has adopted a two-pronged European perspective. In Saint-Quentin, strong collaborations have been established with neighboring nations in eastern and northern France. As for the Bordeaux campus, it promotes partnerships with Spain, Portugal and other countries, such as overseas territories and regions, notably French Guiana.

ELISA Aerospace Hauts-De-France – Saint-Quentin

Saint-Quentin is a French commune located in the Aisne department in the Hauts-de-France region, 1h15 from Paris. This dynamic, innovative city boasts excellent accessibility, thanks in particular to a rail and motorway network linking it to the major cities of northern France. This privileged position at the heart of major metropolises gives it a strategic location. Saint-Quentin has been awarded the “Pôle d’Excellence Numérique” label and boasts a number of magnificent green spaces, including the Marais d’Isle national nature reserve. The ELISA Aerospace Hauts-de-France Campus is located in downtown Saint-Quentin, on a 4,300 m2 site. There are numerous areas reserved for students and associations. This basin is perfect for corporate experience, as the region is home to many major aeronautics and aerospace companies.

ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux – Saint-Jean-d’Illac

Saint-Jean-d’Illac is a commune located in South-West France, in the Gironde department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. This commune is close to the runways of Bordeaux-Mérignac airport and has secure bike paths leading to the ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux Campus. Saint-Jean-d’Illac offers an exceptional living environment where you can enjoy a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The campus is at the very heart of a rich employment area for the aerospace and defense sector. The school covers more than 27,000 m2 and is divided into four buildings. These include the 4,000 m2 Building A and the 3,000 m2 Building B, both dedicated to teaching. There’s also an 800 m2 community building and the 800 m2 Agora.

The ELISA Aerospace aeronautics and aerospace engineering school offers a wide range of courses leading to a 5-year engineering degree and a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

Aerospace Engineering curriculum

The Ingénieur Sciences Aérospatiales (Aerospace Sciences Engineer) program is a degree-granting program recognized by the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (French Engineering Qualifications Board), and confers the grade of Master. It offers the opportunity to enter the aerospace industry within 5 years of graduation. This is done in several stages over 5 years:

  • Integrated preparatory cycle: the first two years retain the same mathematics and physics programs as the MPSI and PSI classes, with particular emphasis on the structure of matter, geometric and wave optics and electromagnetism. They also cover aeronautics and space, engineering sciences such as astronautics, aeronautics, thermodynamics, programming and industrial design and CAD.
  • Engineering cycle: the last three years are dedicated to learning the scientific and technological skills needed to design, implement and maintain aeronautical and space systems. This cycle enables students to acquire solid skills in aerodynamics, mechanics, electronics, automatic propulsion, IT and operating safety.

During the second cycle of the ELISA 4 engineering program, students can choose to complement the core curriculum with a more in-depth specialization, depending on the number of places available:

  • Aeronautical Systems Engineering (ISA) option
  • Missile and space systems engineering option (IM2S)
  • Cooperative Embedded Systems Engineering option (ISEC)

Bachelor of Science and Engineering

The engineering school dedicated to aeronautics and aerospace also offers the Bachelor Sciences and Engineering – Transport Industry curriculum, which was opened in 2021, in response to the needs of manufacturers. This ELISA Aerospace training course takes place over 3 years and is aligned with the principles of the fourth industrial revolution:

  • Assistant Engineer training: the aim of the Transport Industry Sciences and Engineering bachelor’s degree is to train assistant engineers who will be operational as soon as they graduate, in middle management positions within companies. The final year of the program is a sandwich course, enabling students to enter the world of work with confidence. This course provides the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and know-how, and to prepare for the economic and societal challenges that future assistant engineers may encounter during their careers. During the third year of the Bachelor’s program, students can take part in on-the-job training modules to further their development.
  • Chargé(e) de projet industriel (CQPM ): this additional certification has been awarded the Grade de licence by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI). It is obtained through a partnership with the Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM).