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Internship: Engineering curriculum

During the engineering course, internships are compulsory. and engineering students gradually gain in responsibility.

12 months corporate experience


Cycle Preparatory
  • ELISA 1 or 2 (1st or2nd year of preparatory cycle)
    Company discovery internship: 4 to 8 weeks

The company discovery internship is carried out at the end of the 1st or 2nd year.
It gives students an insight into the inner workings of the company through a blue-collar position.
The theme, preferably technical, is left to the choice of the student engineer before validation by the pedagogical department.

This internship is the subject of a report and presentation, and contributes to the acquisition of ECTS credits.

Cycle Engineer

    • ELISA 4
      (2nd year of the engineering cycle)
      International experience: 17 weeks

    Opening up to new cultures helps develop language and professional skills, while fostering personal development. A compulsory 17-week international experience is required in semester 7 (ELISA 4) of the engineering curriculum between June and January.

    • ELISA 5
      (3rd year of engineering cycle) – end-of-studies internship (SFE): 24 weeks

    The engineering program ends with a final internship in a company or laboratory. Its aim is to apply and develop the skills acquired at school in an engineering-level industrial project, during which it exercises responsibilities.

    Optional internships are available and highly recommended to help students develop professional skills.


I did my end-of-studies internship at the Centre Spatial Guyanais within CNES.
My mission focused on telecommunications between the launchers in flight and the radars distributed over Guiana.

This incredible Amazonian experience took me from the plenitude of the heart of the primary forest to the extraordinary power of European launchers.
From one adventure to the next, I realized a dream and pushed back the limits of my comfort zone.

Paul M.
Class of 2019

Skills recognized by professionals

After 2 very successful six-month internships with our Sensor Series Product Managers team at the Valence production center (Thales AVS), we had no hesitation in recruiting Vanessa on a permanent contract to continue the adventure together.

We now benefit from all the qualities of his youth, his academic and professional skills. A high level of commitment and motivation, combined with the necessary rigor, enabled him to integrate quickly and efficiently, and above all, with great promise.

Sensor Series Product Manager Engineer

Communicate your internship and job offers throughout the year to the Corporate Relations and Internships Department.

Delphine Marest – Corporate Relations Officer
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