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Ile de France-Hauts-de France axis

In the
the automotive (over 56,000 jobs) and rail (15,000 jobs) industries are highly concentrated around Valenciennois, while the aeronautical industries are concentrated mainly in Picardie, with a concentration around Méaulte (10,000 jobs) and more widely in Ile-de-France.

The Hauts-de-France region is very attentive and involved in the development of these industries of excellence. Méaulte is Airbus’ Usine 4.0 reference site.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Occitanie axis

the aerospace and defense industries are very important throughout the region (50,000 industrial jobs and 20,000 defense personnel).

The rail industry is well established in La Rochelle, and the region
would like to see the development
Ferrocampus in Saintes. Naval GROUP, based all along the Atlantic coast, inaugurated the Innov’Factory on its site near Angoulême, in Charente on September 6, 2019.

ELISA Aerospace member and player in competitiveness clusters

The school is a member of ASTECH, the aerospace competitiveness cluster for the Ile de France region, France’s leading employment area for aeronautics, space and embedded systems.

ASTech Paris Région, a competitiveness cluster, aims to increase the Paris Region’s European leadership in the Space Launch, Business Aviation, Propulsion and Equipment sectors through innovation:

– By giving new impetus to research in the Paris region, in its role of supporting the aerospace industry.

– By offering SMEs new opportunities for innovation.

– By preparing the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow in partnership with SMEs, research organizations and higher education establishments.

Launched in June 2019 at the Paris-Le Bourget International Air Show, the Aér’Hauts-de-France brand aims to raise the profile and recognition of the regional aerospace industry through a collective of players (manufacturers, ALTYTUD, CCI Hauts-de-France, CETIM, Direccte,HDFID, I-trans, Nord France Invest, ONERA, Transalley, UIMM Hauts-de-France…).

Together, the group defined guidelines and drew up a program of concrete actions around 4 themes: employment and skills, industrial performance, innovation and internationalization.

This regional approach is coordinated with the national aerospace industry strategy led by GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales).

Aerospace Valley contributes to our members’ development and competitiveness through innovation, by promoting collaborative R&D projects.

n order to generate business opportunities for your organization, we host and promote exchanges within a dynamic, internationally renowned network. Aerospace Valley can help you set up collaborative innovation projects, a key factor in maximizing your chances of obtaining funding. Finally, the expertise we provide contributes to development, growth, transformation and access to new markets.

To be a regional player recognized at national, European and global levels, to position the players in our regions as Pioneers in the Ecological Transition of the aerospace industries, to accelerate Digital Transformation for the benefit of the Competitiveness of our industries, to boost Innovation, to facilitate the evolution of skills in our regions in line with the emerging needs of our industries, and to ensure growth and secure the future of our industries in our regions.

The school is involved in the Hauts-de-France region through the ALTYTUD Aerospace Cluster.

With some sixty members, ALTYTUD is the direct interface between GIFAS and the regional aerospace industry. ALTYTUD also promotes its members’ trades and expertise through public awareness campaigns, inter-company meetings and information relays.

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