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Space has also become the 4th medium, after land, sea and air, in which states’ defenses are deployed. Beyond that, space resources contribute to our knowledge of our solar system, exoplanets in our galaxy and the evolution of our universe.

Manned flights, which for 50 years have been confined to Earth’s inner suburbs with MIR orbital stations and the ISS and the vehicles used to reach them (Soyuz, Crew Dragon, Starliner), see their horizons broaden once again to include our natural satellite, the Moon, while we look forward to exploring the planet Mars by the end of the 2030s.

Throughout their time at ELISA Aerospace, students can draw on the support of their tutors, a dedicated team and the ALUMNI network to help them find internships and develop their career plans. To ensure the integration of these students, ELISA Aerospace offers individualized coaching on job search techniques: mock job interviews, CVs and cover letters.

All internships are subject to assessment and earn ECTS credits. Note that the host organization is involved in this evaluation. All our internships are subsidized.

These internships or work placements are a great help in integrating students into the world of work. Many engineering students join companies on permanent contracts at the end of their internships.

12 months corporate experience
in 5 years
8 months corporate experience
in 3 years

ELISA Aerospace at the heart of the transport of the future

ELISA Aerospace’s presence in two major aerospace and transport regions (Ile de France – Hauts de France and Nouvelle Aquitaine – Occitanie) forges an essential relationship between future experts and the professional world to which they aspire.

When you join ELISA Aerospace, we open the doors to the world of aerospace, a world of enthusiasts ready to take on the scientific, technical and human challenges of the 21st century.

Train and recruit tomorrow's talent

The corporate department will support you throughout the entire recruitment process: from advertising your vacancy, to providing support during the selection process, to organizing meetings and even meeting candidates on our premises.

If you have any questions, please contact

Corporate Relations
03 23 68 06 11 / 06 48 95 76 72

stages.hdf@elisa-aerospace.fr / stages.bdx@elisa-aerospace.fr