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Structuring research

Structuring Research at ELISA Aerospace: aircraft flight dynamics

Business development was initially focused on aircraft flight dynamics. Recent developments to forge and strengthen national and international links.

Two dynamic new teams: System - Human Factors and HyPrSpace

System – Human factors

A new theme, “System – human factors”, has opened up, with an ELISA Aerospace graduate starting his thesis on “System architecture and user interface for a UAV operator station”. This thesis will be directed by the Centre de Recherche de l’Ecole de l’Air (CREA) and co-directed by ESTIA-Recherche.

The “HyPrSpace” start-up

Based at ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux, the start-up HyPrSpace (Hybrid Propulsion for Space) is developing a technological innovation to make hybrid space propulsion suitable for orbital launchers. Having developed a propulsion system on the scale needed to propel a micro-launch vehicle, the company is now aiming to offer a commercial service for putting microsatellites (up to 250kg) into orbit.

A growing network

  • Member of the ISAE-Nouvelle Aquitaine Alliance

After joining the ISAE Group as a partner school, ELISA Aerospace also became a member of the ISAE-Nouvelle Aquitaine Alliance (comprising three other member or partner schools based in New Aquitaine: ISAE ENSMA, EIGSI La Rochelle and ESTIA).
In July 2020, to structure its presence and coordinate its actions in the regions, the ISAE Group’s Board of Directors approved the creation of the “ISAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine” Alliance.

This “Project Alliance” will enable ELISA Aerospace to pursue the development of joint actions on a regional scale, in both training and research.
The Alliance has already positioned itself in the “Usine du Futur” and “Ferrocampus®” projects sponsored by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.
The recent signing of a research partnership agreement between ELISA Aerospace and ESTIA is a concrete expression of the Alliance’s agreements.

  • Integration into the prestigious European PEGASUS network

ELISA Aerospace has joined the prestigious European PEGASUS network. Founded in 1998,
the PEGASUS network
(Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities) brings together the best European higher education establishments specializing in aerospace.

Some 28 universities in 11 countries (Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the Czech Republic) make up the foundation, including Politecnico di Milano, KTH Stockholm, RWTH Aachen and TU Delft.

With this integration, the quality and excellence of the training provided at ELISA Aerospace are recognized at European level. By becoming the sixth French school in the PEGASUS network, ELISA Aerospace is expanding its international reach. As such, the school will be able to develop and pursue the academic exchanges already undertaken with certain member schools, notably in the context of internships.