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The international dimension

Opening up to international markets

Choosing and gaining professional experience is the best way to facilitate integration into the world of work.

ELISA Aerospace’s international policy is based on the need to respond to international companies.

Signatory of
the ERASMUS+ charter
charter, ELISA Aerospace commits its students to enriching their experience and skills through a stay abroad.

The ERASMUS program :

The program provides financial and linguistic support for mobility in one of the program countries. The program is aimed at all students wishing to perfect their foreign language skills, discover a new culture, a new country, a new way of life, and acquire the keys to success in an international environment.

For further information:

  • ERASMUS+ charter for higher education 2021-2027
  • Elisa Aerospace’s ERASMUS strategy statement
  • ERASMUS: https: //info.erasmusplus.fr/

The exchange program may award a scholarship, the amount of which varies according to the destination country. On average, scholarships range from €310 to €600/month for northern European countries, from €260 to €540/month for southern European countries, and from €200 to €490 for eastern European countries. This amount can be combined with public assistance, which is a lump sum of €400/month.

To limit local costs, be sure to order your health insurance card for Europe in good time, and check that your cell phone data plan can be used in Europe (calls and text messages are free under Rooming). Generally speaking, the mobile packages with the most international GB are those offering unlimited 4G, with a large 4G connection envelope and often including 25 to 100 GB that can be used in Europe.

Our students on international internships

Students are required to complete 3 internships of between 12 and 14 months during their course, either in France or abroad.

We encourage our students to do at least one internship abroad.

0 %
International graduates work outside the European Economic Area
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Graduates find their 1st job abroad

International corporate volunteering (VIE)

Students can carry out an assignment as an International Volunteer. This 6-month to 2-year assignment is carried out abroad within a French company or a French or international public body. The VIE can be combined with an internship.

Gap year abroad

Student engineers have the option of taking a gap year abroad. This period can be devoted to studies or an internship to gain valuable international experience.

A rewarding experience

Here are just a few examples of our international internships:

  • Belgium – Royal Observatory of Brussels / In-depth study of atmospheric re-entry of a space probe
  • Scotland – private company / Multidisciplinary design of a fuel cell drone with or without photovoltaic cells, engineering internship followed by final year internship
  • China – private company / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Software Engineer
  • Belgium – Université de Liège – research laboratory / Evaluation and application of similarity laws to reproduce the operating conditions of an aircraft or helicopter engine oil system
  • Canada – private company / Aircraft development and/or modification project management
  • Italy – University Federico II of Naples – research laboratory / Modeling of Aircraft Spin Maneuvers and 6DoF Non linear Simulations
  • Quebec – private company / navigation, guidance and support
Exploring new cultures enables us to develop linguistic, cultural and professional skills, while fostering personal development.
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