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ELISA Aerospace is passionate about helping students succeed in the aeronautics, space and transport industries of the future.

This success depends on the quality of teaching and study conditions adapted to students’ intellectual and human needs.
Beyond their apprenticeship, they thrive in a wide range of related activities.

A place of life and humanism, the associations enable students not only to blossom, but also to belong to a community linking students, teachers and professionals in two business catchment areas, and eventually internationally.

ELISA Aerospace, school of aeronautics, school of space, school of the technologies of the future and the transport of the future, aims to be a gateway to the world of tomorrow. That’s why we want your training to enable you to understand and become aware of the challenges facing the aerospace and transport industries of the future. You’ll be sought out for your skills and your personality.

School values
Responsibility and autonomy

Commitment and ethics

Creativity and innovation

Striving for excellence

Openness to others and multiculturalism

The charter

The school charter is aimed at all ELISA Aerospace stakeholders: students, teachers, administrative staff, companies, partners and graduates, and is based on 7commitments:


Train students to analyze, formalize and put into practice the techniques, methods and skills needed to carry out their future responsibilities.


To support students individually and collectively by providing a structured, progressive learning environment conducive to their human, intellectual and professional development.


Foster relationships based on trust and respect between students, faculty and administrative staff.


Encourage and facilitate innovative and community-based projects run by students, teachers and all the School’s partners.


Nurture and preserve an atmosphere of passion for aeronautics and space within the school.


Develop students’ cultural and international awareness.


Ensuring the School’s long-term commitment to quality.

A high-level network
  • Member of the
    ISAE group
    as a partner school which enables its members to increase their influence, both nationally and internationally.
  • Member of the ISAE-Nouvelle-Aquitaine alliance, with four member or partner schools based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.
  • Member of
    which brings together the best European aerospace engineering training courses
  • Aerospace industry support :
  • Member of competitiveness clusters :
    NAE Normandie, Aér Hauts-de-France, Aerospace Valley,
  • Student Space Center,
  • Member of PEPITE,
  • Member of AREPIC,
  • Competition
    Puissance Alpha
    for post-baccalaureate admission to engineering schools and bachelor’s degrees, bac + 2, and 1st year of engineering studies
  • Member of the
    Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes
Labels and recognition

Master's degree in engineering, accredited by Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (Cti).

Bachelor's degree, recognized by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (Cti) and the French government.

EURACE label awarded by the Commission des titres d'ingénieur for academic excellence

EESPIG Higher education establishment Privé d'Intérêt Général