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Our research team

Campus :
ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

Research theme :

Hybrid space propulsion research

Course :

“With a Master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, I worked as a systems engineer at aircraft manufacturer ATR, but also in the space sector as a test and systems engineer at ArianeGroup, and at the French Atomic Energy Commission. Today, as a teacher at ELISA Aerospace, I’m also co-founder of Hybrid Propulsion for Space, a start-up with the ambition of developing a hybrid space propulsion unit.”

Valentin BRAUD
Campus :
ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

Research theme:

Cognitive sciences, Human/machine interaction and flight dynamics


Air School Research Center (CREA)

Course :

“Following my ELISA Aerospace engineering diploma and my internship at the Ecole de l’Air research center, I wanted to do a thesis mixing new disciplines with those I had seen in class. For me, this PhD is an opportunity to better understand and develop pilot/drone interactions.”

Campus :
ELISA Aerospace Hauts-de-France

Research theme :

Fluid Mechanics, Thermal and Energy Engineering

Course :

“A Mechanical Engineer and Doctor in Thermal and Energetics from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, I joined ELISA Aerospace in 2014 after a position as Temporary Teaching and Research Attaché at the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) and the Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble. My applied research focuses on system energy efficiency and flow control. I’m currently working mainly in ELISA Aerospace’s Aircraft Flight Dynamics division, in collaboration with major players in the French aeronautical industry”.

Publications (recent) :

  • Mixing performance in Split-And-Recombine milli-static mixers – A Numerical Analysis

Chemical Engineering Research and Design

  • Energy efficiency in process industry: High-efficiency vortex (HEV) multifunctional heat exchanger

Renewable Energy Journal

  • Static mixers: mechanisms, applications, and characterization methods – A review

Chemical Engineering Research and Design

  • Partitioned solver for strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction

Computers and Fluids

  • Multifunctional heat exchangers/reactors and static mixers: industrial applications

Advances in Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Technology Series

Alexandre MANGEOT
Campus :
ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

Research theme : Space propulsion

Background : Following my thesis on space propulsion with CNES and Roxel, I acquired knowledge of hybrid space propulsion and skills in propulsion system design. This enabled me to found Hybrid Propulsion for Space, the company behind a number of technological innovations.

Publications :

  • Static and moving solid/gas interface modeling in a hybrid rocket engine
  • Methodologies for detailed chemistry computation, application to hybrid rocket combustion chamber simulations
  • Micro and full-scale experiments on hybrid rocket fuel and prelude to hybrid rocket combustor simulations
  • Firing tests of hybrid engine with varying oxidizer nature and operating conditions
  • Extreme Living Solutions: Self-sufficient habitat for extreme environments based on space technology
  • Field analogue geology and astrobiology in support of Mars Science Laboratory: correlation of organics with topographic units
  • Human-Robotic Partnerships and Performance: Lessons Learned From ILEWG EuroMoonMars Campaigns 2012
  • MDRS 2011-2012 ILEWG Campaign: Testing Habitability and Performance at an Analogue Moon Base Infrastructure Outpost on Earth
  • Kinetic modelling of high density polyethylene pyrolysis: Part 1. Comparison of existing models
  • Detailed kinetic computations and experiments for the choice of a fuel-oxidiser couple for hybrid propulsion
  • Literature survey for a first choice of a fuel-oxidiser couple for hybrid propulsion based on kinetic justifications
  • 2D transient numerical code for hybrid rocket simulations with detailed chemistry
Vincent ROCHER
Campus :
ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux

Research theme :

Space propulsion

Course :

“With an engineering degree in mechatronics from ENSIBS and a research master’s degree in I-MARS (Architecture and Embedded Systems) from UBS, I was able to develop my skills in embedded systems at Thales Avionics and Arianegroup.

Today, as co-founder of Hybrid Propulsion for Space, a New Space Startup, I’m helping to develop an innovative space thruster for launch vehicle applications. I teach at ELISA Aerospace Bordeaux, where I use my skills in embedded systems engineering to support student success.”