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Tuition fees and practical information

Preparing your arrival at ELISA Aerospace

Tuition fees 2023-2024

Engineering curriculum

The annual fee for the preparatory cycle is 7,600 euros (including 700 euros registration or re-registration fee). For the engineering cycle, it amounts to 8,600 euros per year (including 700 euros registration or re-registration fees).

Bachelor's program

The annual fee is 5,600 euros (including 500 euros registration or re-registration fee). You can choose to pay your tuition fees in 1 instalment on the first day of school, in 3 instalments or in 10 instalments at no extra cost.

  • Additional costs

Associations :

A compulsory membership fee of €100 helps finance their activities.
Association activities are part of the school’s pedagogical project.

At the start of the school year, associations are asked to present their activity projects and a provisional budget. The amount to be distributed will depend on projects and budgets.

All sums collected will be paid back to the associations in full transparency.

At the end of the school year, associations must submit their activity report and accounts).

For more information on our campuses :

Preparing your arrival at ELISA Aerospace

Our banking partners

To facilitate access to student loans, ELISA Aerospace is developing partnerships with financial institutions on its two campuses to enable its students to benefit from attractive rates. Many banks offer student loans at preferential rates, repayable once the engineering student has entered working life.

Our partnership with Société Générale enables ELISA Aerospace students to benefit from various advantages when they open their account, such as preferential insurance rates. Please see below for contact details:

Contact us by e-mail for a list of our partners and more information:

State-guaranteed loan

The student loan is open to all French students or those who are tax residents of the European Economic Area, with no means-testing and no parental or third-party guarantee. With the option of deferred loan repayment.

State-guaranteed student loan | Étudiant.gouv (etudiant.gouv.fr)

School grant

ELISA Aerospace awards scholarships based on excellence and social criteria. The discount is up to 20% of the tuition fee.

The application must be submitted at the time of registration.

Crous scholarship

ELISA Aerospace is authorized to host students on state scholarships on its two campuses. The Crous (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) grant is a financial aid awarded to higher education students.

To access Crous grants based on social criteria, you need to go through the Dossier Social de l’Étudiant (Student Social File). This file will enable you to apply for the various Crous grants as well as accommodation in a Crous residence. To do this, you can complete the online procedure from January 15 to March 15 of each year. A dedicated EHR number is available at The DSE is one of the first steps to take before your arrival and the start of your university year. You will then need to look for accommodation, check the Crous grants available, set up a student bank account, compare these on comparabanques to find the best deals.


More information :
Home – MesServices.etudiant.gouv.fr

Help and grants

If you are not eligible for a CROUS grant, you may be eligible for special assistance. All students who find themselves in a precarious situation can benefit from emergency, one-off or annual financial aid.

To deal with emergencies or more specific situations, Crous has set up a series of complementary and cumulative assistance packages which you can find at https://www.etudiant.gouv.fr/fr/aides-specifiques-1306. In particular, you’ll find help with your day-to-day needs, such as transport, accommodation or even taking your driving test, which you can prepare for free on ornikar for the code or in your university library.

Please note that due to scholarship scams, you will never be asked to provide your credit card details. If the latter is blocked following a payment on a payment terminal, visit the Perval government website to find out how to proceed.

Further information :
Specific assistance | Étudiant.gouv (etudiant.gouv.fr)

In addition to being on a scholarship or receiving special assistance, some post-baccalaureate students are eligible for merit-based aid. To be eligible, you must have obtained a “Très bien” mention in the last session of your baccalauréat. You don’t need to make any specific request, as identification is carried out by the CROUS. The decision to award the contract is then made by the academy’s rector.

More information :
Aide au mérite | Étudiant.gouv

Prospective students who have received a state grant at lycée and are registered on Parcoursup can be awarded 500 euros in financial aid if they choose a post-bac course outside their home académie.

For more information:
Home – Mobility assistance (etudiant.gouv.fr)

The Mobility Passport is awarded to students from overseas who are currently enrolled in a course of study in mainland France or the European Union, in a field of study that does not exist or is saturated locally. One round trip per academic year is covered.


It is means-tested

The regional councils of the DROMs also offer specific assistance for the mobility of their young people, without means-testing.

Aides des régions et des Outre-Mer | Étudiant.gouv (etudiant.gouv.fr)

Eiffel stock exchange

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the best foreign students. It aims to encourage students to come and train in French higher education establishments. In the context of obtaining an engineering degree, the scholarship can be awarded for a maximum of 36 months.

Further information
Eiffel Bursary

Eiffel stock exchange

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the best foreign students. It aims to encourage students to come and train in French higher education establishments. In the context of obtaining an engineering degree, the scholarship can be awarded for a maximum of 36 months.

Further information
Eiffel Bursary


Our teams are here to help you with your installation. As soon as your registration is confirmed, ELISA Aerospace will do its utmost to offer you accommodation close to our two campuses. In the vicinity of the campuses, a wide range of accommodation is available through private individuals, landlords, student residences, our partner agencies and specialized websites (location-étudiant, seloger, leboncoin…).

Are you a homeowner interested in offering your accommodation to our students? Contact us

Accommodation in Saint-Quentin

Contact us at

03 23 68 06 11

Our partner agencies in Saint-Quentin

Stéphane PLAZA Immobilier

Mrs Coralie LAMBRET

Mrs Coralie LAMBRET

49 rue Emile ZOLA 02100 Saint-Quentin
03 23 62 62 19

LaForêt Real Estate

Mrs Valérie BALSINHA

Mrs Valérie BALSINHA

7 rue de l'Arsenal, place du Marché 02100 Saint-Quentin
03 23 04 08 08

University residences: As a student, you can apply to the CROUS (Centres Régionaux des Œuvres universitaires et Scolaires) for accommodation in a university residence. Saint-Quentin has a university residence. Housing is allocated according to strict social criteria.

Accommodation in Saint-Jean d'Illac

Contact us at

06 48 95 76 72

Our partner agencies in Saint-Jean-d'Illac

The Real Estate Exchange

Mrs Nathalie BAUDET

Mrs Nathalie BAUDET

330 Avenue du Las, 33127 Saint-Jean-d'Illac
05 57 97 77 40

Student campus - Saint Jean d'ILLAC

Information and rental
04 67 13 85 97

Mrs Coralie LAMBRET

49 rue Emile ZOLA 02100 Saint-Quentin
03 23 62 62 19

Agence WIMMO


48 Avenue Pasteur - 33600 PESSAC


Campus Illac is a student campus with 120 unfurnished apartments in two two-storey buildings facing each other, creating a central landscaped area for relaxation and well-being. The apartments – T1, T1 bis and T2 – are oriented to maximize natural light, and many have balconies extending into the living area.

Housing and residence services :

  • Fully equipped kitchen with ceramic hob, extractor hood and refrigerator
  • Bathroom with spacious 90×120 cm shower, ceramic washbasin with mirror, electric towel warmer
  • Closet in each apartment
  • Secure access via videophone and access code
  • Parking available on first floor
  • Laundry room on the first floor of the residence
  • Bus line 601 (Bordeaux / Lège Cap-Ferret connection)

Apartments available for rent from €291 per month, including utilities and housing subsidies.

There are still a few properties available for purchase by parents wishing to invest and house their children (from €84,000, eligible under the Pinel scheme).

* Rent for lot B122, T1 20.75 m², aid to be deducted. Agency fees 270€. Deposit 251 €. Subject to availability.

Housing aids

The different types of housing assistance available to students. Since August 16, 2022, article 12 of law no. 2022-1158 has revalued personal housing benefits, including APL, ALF and ALS. As a result, a student can benefit from housing assistance. if the following conditions are met: – The student is French or foreign and has a valid residence permit – The student rents a decent rental property (minimum surface area, absence of risks, absence of vermin, minimum energy performance, provision of certain equipment) – The student is not related to the owner – The student’s income (scholarship, etc.) is within certain limits. In the case of shared accommodation, the student can also receive housing assistance, since the accommodation used to calculate the assistance is divided by the number of housemates. Please note that all roommates must ask for their own help. If you would like to benefit from this housing assistance, please go to
to find out about the conditions of eligibility.

The Fonds de Solidarité pour le Logement (housing solidarity fund) provides assistance for people experiencing financial difficulties in paying their rent.

Find out more:
Housing Solidarity Fund

This aid is calculated according to the amount of rent and the student’s resources: it is not automatically granted, and the amount is calculated on a case-by-case basis. Applications for assistance must be made directly on the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) website, within three months of moving in.

For further information:

Action Logement’s Avance Loca-Pass is a subsidy granted to people under the age of 30, giving them access to help with the security deposit, with repayment in instalments. This guide, available on selectra.info, provides you with all the Loca-Pass eligibility conditions and the documents you need to provide to set up your application.

Action logement has set up the Mobili-Jeune scheme for young people under 30 in the non-agricultural private sector.

visual image

Further information :