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Engineering cycle

The advantages of ELISA Aerospace's integrated preparatory program (2 years) :


Acquisition of solid skills
necessary for the design, implementation and maintenance of aeronautical and space systems: operational safety, mechanics, aerodynamics, propulsion, automation, electronics, IT…


1 diploma, 3 majors conferring the
Master’s degree
(direct access to doctorate).


application projects
and innovation and research projects taught by
numerous teachers from the professional world


ELISA Aerospace is a member of the
3D Experience Edu Dassault systemes


Mandatory international experience
of 17 weeks to develop multicultural skills while fostering personal development.

Objectives of the engineering cycle

ELISA 3 - First year of engineering cycle

In the engineering cycle, teaching is based on application projects in aeronautics or space (from functional analysis to prototype production) and research projects:

  • Nanosatellite, Hybrid rocket engine
  • Experimental wind tunnel
  • Satellite image processing
  • ULM, drone
  • Robotics
Detailed program (860 core hours)

Eligible profiles:
CPGE 2 in MPI, MP, PC, PSI and PT, L3, DUT and ATS streams

0 %




Defense organization,

Life cycle & eco-design,

Communication and group management,

Climate fresco,

Corporate Governance and Organization,

Quality / Continuous improvement,

Project management,

Business intelligence/ Patent,

Defending Europe,

Space, air and telecommunications rights,

Professional project,

Student involvement

Visits to aerospace museums.

0 %


Fluid Mechanics,

Heat transfers applied to aeronautics and space,

Space mechanics,

Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control,

Aeronautical certification.

0 %

Microcontroller architecture and programming,

Introduction to numerical simulation methods,

Introduction to the VBA language,

Object-oriented programming,

Continuous Linear Systems,

Airship synthesis project.

0 %

Engineering mathematics,

MATLAB HMI project,

Applied probability,

Optimization methods,

Numerical analysis.

0 %

Resistance of Materials,

Continuum Mechanics,

Computer-aided design.

ELISA 4 - Second year of the engineering cycle

Detailed program (S7: International experience, S8: 440 hours of core curriculum + chosen option)

Eligible profiles :
M1 or M2 aerospace

0 %

Modeling and design in state space,

Discrete Linear Systems,

Perfecting Python,

Machine Learning,

Signal processing.

0 %






Hygiene – Health – Safety at work,

Ethics and leadership,

Student engagement,

Professional project.

0 %

Composite Materials,

Application of FEM to structural design

0 %


Aircraft performance,

Drone Project.

In the second year of the engineering cycle, students can choose one of three options:

Aeronautical Systems Engineering (ISA)

Missile and space systems engineering (IM2S)

Embedded Systems Engineering (ISEC)

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: At the beginning of the year, students are required to spend a minimum of 17 weeks abroad between June and January (semester 7). To encourage internships abroad, ELISA Aerospace has set up mobility grants.

ELISA 5 - Third year of the engineering cycle

No admission to ELISA 5

The third and final year of the engineering cycle ends with a full semester of internship in France or abroad.

Detailed program (500-hour core curriculum + in-depth study of chosen option)
0 %


Eco-responsibility issues (aeronautics & space),

Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship,


Financial analysis,

Human Resources,

Global company management,

Student engagement,

Professional project.

0 %


Missile engineering project,

Research initiation project,

Introduction to positioning systems

0 %

A full list of courses is available on the options pages.

INTERNSHIPS : The engineering curriculum culminates in a 24-week end-of-studies internship starting in March. ELISA Aerospace encourages its engineering students to gain international experience. To encourage internships abroad, ELISA Aerospace has set up mobility grants.


TOEIC points to validate the curriculum (600 Voltaire points)

ELISA Aerospace is a member of the 3D Experience Edu Dassault systemes program

1 800

hours of core and optional courses over the 4 semesters of the engineering cycle

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