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Choice of specialties

Which subjects should I choose in my Première and Terminale Générales to enter ELISA Aerospace?

In addition to your core curriculum (including French, History and Geography, Moral and Civic Education, Science and Mathematics, Modern Languages and Sport), you’ll have to choose three specialties as soon as you enter Première Générale.
This selection is your first choice of orientation for your future as a student. That’s why it’s important to select them carefully according to your professional projects and passions. Joining an engineering school like ELISA Aerospace requires a solid scientific foundation.

Choice of specialties


In the preparatory cycle for engineering training and in the Bachelor’s program, Mathematics and Physics will form a large part of your curriculum. For example, ELISA Aerospace recommends that first-year students opt for :
The Mathematics speciality

+ a choice of one of the following scientific specialties: Physics-Chemistry, Engineering Sciences and Computer Science
+ a free choice of specialty: scientific or not


In the general final year, you must again make a choice and keep only two specialties.

For the engineering curriculum, we recommend that you retain the Mathematics Specialization + a scientific specialization of your choice from : Engineering Sciences or Physics-Chemistry.

For the Bachelor’s program, we recommend the same combination, with the inclusion of the Digital and Computer Science specialization, which is more closely aligned with our three main areas of training.