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Bachelor of Science and Engineering

Become an expert in the transport of the future in 3 years!

Opening at the start of the 2021 academic year at the request of industry, the Bachelor of Science and Engineering – Transport Industry is part of the fourth industrial revolution. Today,automation and supervision play a key role in industry. Innovation and new technologies such as robotics, augmented reality and3D printing are making their appearance on production lines.


The aim of the Bachelor of Science and Engineering in the Transport Industry is to train assistant engineers who are immediately operational in companies and capable of taking on responsibilities in middle management positions. The experts trained by ELISA Aerospace will be able to integrate easily into the world of work, thanks to 1/3 of the curriculum spent in a company, with a final year on a sandwich course.

Bachelor's degree objectives

The aim of this Bachelor’s degree is to develop knowledge, skills and know-how through a balanced mix of multi-disciplinary academic teaching and work experience (design offices, projects and internships), and to prepare future technicians for the economic and societal challenges they will have to face in the course of their careers.

On-the-job training modules are offered during this third year, to enable further career development.

7 reasons to choose the Bachelor of Science and Engineering :


A state-recognized degree conferring a bachelor’s degree, assessed by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI),


A diploma and the skills to move into key transport sectors : aeronautics, space, land transport, rail and naval,


A short training course to become operational in managerial or expert positions,


The benefit of benefiting from the quality of the teaching staff and the teaching resources of the engineering curriculum


Participation in the challenges ahead: decarbonizing means of transport for environmentally-friendly mobility,


A curriculum tailored to the needs and expectations of the transport industry,


The possibility of continuing your studies as an extension of your initial training.

Additional certification: Industrial project manager (CQPM)

The Bachelor Sciences et Ingénierie – Industries des Transports has been awarded the “Grade de licence” by the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur), and has received additional certification through a partnership with the UIMM (Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie).

UIMM (Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie)

To broaden the skills of our trainees, they are required to take the CQPM (Certificat de Qualification paritaire de la métallurgie) – Chargé(e) de projet industriel certification as a complement to their Bachelor’s degree.

After the Bachelor of Science and Engineering at ELISA Aerospace...

What business would you like to get into?

The Bachelor of Science and Engineering in the Transport Industry enables you to enter the world of work, immediately operational and capable of taking on responsibilities in middle management positions.

  • Management: leading and steering projects to improve industrial performance,
  • Methods & maintenance: automation and robotization, standardization of tooling and manufacturing processes, improved preventive and predictive maintenance,
  • Production management: management of continuous improvement projects and implementation of production performance indicators, lean manufacturing, lean management, SMED, KANBAN, 5S, FMEA, etc…
  • Quality: improving the quality management system (QMS), product/process quality,
  • Supply chain and logistics : implementation, ERP optimization, flow optimization, procurement, inventory management, packaging, shipping,
  • Engineering: design – 3D CAD.

Would you like to continue your studies?

It also opens up the possibility offurther academic studies according to the criteria of schools and universities.

  • ELISA Aerospace engineer training
  • ISAE Group apprenticeship program with specialization in 3rd year :

    specialization in Industrialization and Methods for the aerospace industry

  • ISAE – ENSMA –

    specializing in Energy Systems & Materials, in line with societal challenges, particularly in terms of sustainable mobility.


    specializing in Industrial Engineering for Aeronautics and Space

Detailed program Bachelor 1 (700 hours)

+ 6-week internship starting in June

Eligible profiles :
Terminale générale, STI2D et Bac+1/ +2 en réorientation

0 %
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics,
  • Physics Fundamentals,
  • Matrix tools,
  • Analytical tools,
  • Mechanical,
  • Thermodynamics
0 %
  • English,
  • Rhetoric,
  • Internet information retrieval applied to industrial methods,
  • The company: its organization,
  • Advanced office tools and quality approach,
  • Preparing for the internship search,
  • Company visit.
0 %
  • Electronic,
  • Electric motors and power electronics,
  • Mechanical systems technology
  • Composite materials technology: thermosetting polymers
0 %
  • Energy for transport,
  • Sustainable development in the transport industry
0 %
  • Quality methods and tools,
  • Industrial Engineering

Detailed program Bachelor 2 (700 hours)

+ 8-week technical assistant internship starting in June

Eligible profiles: Bac+1/ +2 : BUT, Licence, BTS, CPGE and Bachelor’s degrees

0 %
  • Matrix tools,
  • Analysis tools, Mechanics,
  • Mathematical tools for automatic control,
  • Probabilistic and statistical tools for smart data,
  • Strength of materials,
  • Operating principles of thermal machines
0 %
  • Metrology,
  • Composite materials,
  • Computer-aided design 3D Experience,
  • Sensors, Controls and Interconnections
  • Data flow within the company
0 %
  • English,
  • Voltaire preparation,
  • Communication techniques,
  • Interculturality and corporate micro-economics,
  • Personal and Professional Project,
  • Company visit.
0 %
  • Project management,
  • Learning through research
  • Occupational health and safety – Ergonomics – Human-machine interaction
0 %
  • Industrial organization and continuous improvement

Detailed program Bachelor 3 (450 hours)

+ 16 weeks of training at school and 18 weeks on the job

No admission to Bachelor 3

0 %
  • Operational reliability,
  • Notions of reliability,
  • Industrial networks
  • Smart Data,
  • Risk management
0 %
  • English, corporate macroeconomics,
  • A culture of entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • Final year project.
0 %
  • Occupational health and safety and technological risks,
  • Social responsibility,
  • On-the-job training,
  • Group management,
  • HR management; Lifelong learning,
  • On-the-job training and Project
0 %
  • Robotic system feasibility study,
  • Production engineering,
  • Industrial engineering,
  • Management
    and continuous improvement,
  • Quality methods and tools,
  • Industrial management
0 %
  • Vector analysis,
  • Introduction to fluid mechanics
0 %
  • Industrial organization and continuous improvement
TOEIC points to validate curriculum
1 850
hours of face-to-face teaching over the 6 semesters of the course
Voltaire points to validate curriculum
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