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Foreign languages

Opening up to the world

ELISA Aerospace promotes openness to the world by integrating the international dimension into its training.

English is the most important foreign language. A second language (German-Spanish-Chinese) is nevertheless compulsory in the preparatory cycle and during the engineering cycle.

The linguistic approach has 3 components.

The approach cultural

Historical and geographical approach

countries where the language is spoken

Learning language

Foreign languages


At ELISA Aerospace, the main modern language is English. 324 hours of English are taught throughout the curriculum. Engineering students are divided into several groups according to their level, so that they can progress at their own pace. Fluency and technical English are taught to prepare students for the world of work.

Language courses are taught by native speakers.

Other courses are also given in English, such as the PPL (private pilot licence) theory course in the preparatory cycle.

The second language

A second foreign language is compulsory from the first year of the preparatory cycle through to the second year of the engineering cycle. Students can choose from a wide range of languages

Level groups ensure that learning is properly targeted. 162 hours of lessons over the entire curriculum

In Hauts de France, the languages on offer are Spanish, German and Chinese.

In Bordeaux, the partnership with Université Montaigne also enables students to learn a wide range of other languages: Italian, modern Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.

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To obtain the engineering diploma, students must achieve a TOEIC score of at least 800 points. Bachelor’s students must obtain at least 700 points.

This requirement is crucial to the employability of our graduates. Our engineering students undergo regular training with an official test in 4th and 5th year. To perfect their English, our engineering students are encouraged to go abroad on a language trip/humanitarian mission during their studies, and to complete at least one internship abroad.

Engineering diploma 800 points
Bachelor 700 points

Erasmus + Online language support

The Erasmus+ program helps students doing an internship abroad to develop their language skills through free online language courses.
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International Corporate Volunteering (VIE)

Students can carry out an assignment as an International Volunteer. This 6-month to 2-year assignment is carried out abroad within a French company or a French or international public body. The VIE can be combined with an internship.